16. Sheffield, Hallam University, 14 March 1995

The discovery that we have to catch the last train back to Manchester from Sheffield tonight puts me in a bad mood. The last train is at 10.45pm, I’m convinced there will be a race to catch it even though the venue is pretty close to the station. Rebecca leaves early to interview Marion. Val and I follow later and I meet my brother and his mate (who came to the previous Sheffield show).

Tim has put me on the list. This is a different venue to the last time they played here (this is the other University) and it’s a wide stage with everything in the one room. We stand at the sound desk and Val encourages me to go to the bar. I have several pints and avoid watching the support.

I end up being pretty wasted and this is the worst remembered gig I’ve been to so far. I danced a lot at the edge of the mosh. Inventing a hand-jive for Planet Telex. I’m happy and sad at once and I don’t understand why.

The gig ends in time to get the train after all and I have to leave without looking back.

Me and my hangover get the train back to Glasgow in the morning with the day’s music papers for company. Reviews of the album abound and there are a strange set of photos of Thom with a dog in the NME.
When I get back, I convince my flatmate JC to come with me to the show in Glasgow tomorrow.