70. London, Earls Court, 27 November 2003

Tonight’s seat is in block 2 on the opposite side, still close to the stage. We seem to have more room. I have called in Meg, a friend from University now resident in London, to use the spare. She notes that Miranda Richardson, Queenie herself, is sitting behind us. Half way through the show we realise that we’re surrounded by heavily pregnant women who keep getting up, presumably to use the bathroom. It doesn’t occur to me until later that they are band member’s girlfriends (both Colin and Ed’s partners are due to drop sprogs in the coming weeks).

Tonight’s afters are accessed by wearing a “Worm Buffet” plastic wrist band. We are herded into a waiting area with a woman who turns out to be video producer Dilly Gent and I realise how desperately uncool I am – I’d love to ask her about her work but I can’t handle it. I’m just a fan again.

There is large area put aside for the huge number of London Liggers and a party is already going on, the band are here somewhere. There might even be waiters.

I stop trying to pretend to fit in, drink some beer and dance to Hey Ya.