79. Copenhagen, KB Hallen, 7 May 2006

In spite of the late night we’re all assembled in the foyer by 9am as we’re keen to see as much of the city as possible and Kim has to leave at 2pm, she has to be at work on Monday and so she’s bailing out. Gabi and Ken join us and we set off in search of breakfast. We walk towards the centre, but soon realise that nowhere opens until 10am, we keep going and on a tip from a lady on a bike we find a bo-ho neighbourhood a few streets away. The first promising café with a brunch menu reels us in. We watch dog walkers and cyclists pass as we order platters, mine comprises fruit, yogurt, bread, hummus, avocado, pancake, syrup, jam and salad, and a large pot of coffee.

We all fill up and move on, prepared to face the day. We walk through what must be, judging by all the sex shops, Copenhagen’s Soho and then back to the Tivoli Gardens, which turns out to be a retro wonderland of fairground rides, sweets, tacky prizes and references to Hans Christian Anderson. The theme is fun, the weather is nice and we soak it up. I hook a duck and win a windmill, I feel 10 years old. We walk round taking photos and keep going past the parliament to Christiana, the hippy free state where photos are not allowed. Cops and dogs now freely roam, but once it was the free love, free dope enclave. We have a fruit juice and listen to an improv jazz band as people around us inhale furtive spliffs.

A bit more walking (Ken is determined that we will see as much as possible) then a taxi back to the hotel to send Kim off in time for her flight. We have a couple of hours to rest before the show. I have Anna Karenina to finish, she’s already under the train, how much more of this book can there be?

Tonight we get the bus to the venue. Once there I am greeted by our Southern California correspondent, but I can’t make eye contact as I will erupt. Keiko has, naturally, gone shopping. Ken goes for pizza and we share it with the waiting Yasuko (who tends to forget to eat). Gabi and I go for ice lollies, we decide we’re tired and will go for the seats but some how we end up in the queue anyway. I have to lurk about and sell Kim’s ticket, which takes a while but I eventually get almost face value from some nervous Danes.

Our entry to the venue is surprisingly smooth, I head for the toilets then into the auditorium, expecting to find my friends in the seats, but I do an actual double take when I realise they’re all on the barrier on Jonny’s side, in an even better spot than last night.

The queue faction are all trapped four-deep in the middle. Don’t they realise? I’m a bit stunned. We can come and go as we please, like in a dream… I brace myself to get sore arms but I don’t get buffeted or pushed at all. It’s very hot again and I’m a bit too short to get comfortable on the barrier but otherwise, we are here!

It’s a similar, slightly less Bends-favouring set to last night, same new ones, Let Down is aired again. Oh my, oh my! I don’t have enough moisture to cry. The staff get buckets to us sooner than last night, even a plastic cup of water out of what is basically a big bin, is welcome. I try to remain in the fleeting present.

After about half an hour my feet don’t really hurt any more. They play Planet Telex and there is nothing better than this. I’m wrung out by the end. Arpeggi with the full band is lovely. Spooks a surf guitar tune, is a nasty flash of rock. Bodysnatchers offers the opportunity to close your eyes and be taken away.

They’re back in love with some of the old stuff. I think the first night had the better set list but they play enough of it again to make this show just as good. I wring out my shirt at the end.

Keiko appears, cool and collected from the seats. She hugs Chris Hufford, he still never remembers me. Ken is lurking around me like he wants something. Later in a taxi back to the hotel I tell him straight that there’s no need. I choose when, I choose who and he’s forgetting he’s had his turn. Get out of my eye line kids, I’m having a moment. I want to be here and love this and not have to worry about the rest of it. Back at the hotel, the bar is shut, so we get beers from the 7-11 and watch Euro-TV in someone’s room, I stay until I can no longer fight sleep.

The band go on to Amsterdam, I go back to Glasgow. There is already a bootleg of Copenhagen. There is a lot of emailing between us. News breaks that tonight’s (10th May) show is off. Phil’s mum has passed away. For a while the rest of the tour might be in doubt.

The next day the word from W.A.S.T.E. is that the rest of the dates will go ahead. Thom has posted “theeraser.net” on DAS. The page features music and a Stanley Donwood animation. I email Max K, on the inside, to check that this is what I think it is. There will be a solo LP on XL Records as soon as next month.

Curiouser and curiouser.